Dealers Who Buy Used Cars for Cash: A Complete Guide

Selling a used car can be a stressful process for many, especially if they want to find dealers who buy used cars for cash. When we think about it, everything seems too hard to accomplish. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult or overwhelming. You just need to have all the necessary information and you might even enjoy selling your vehicle.

There are various sellers out there, but if you want to sell your car for cash specifically, then you need to be more cautious and careful. Let’s find out what dealerships buy used cars and gather up all the useful information. Should we begin?

Why do some dealers prefer to buy your car for cash?

Because it’s easier, faster and more convenient. Many dealers prefer to negotiate their deals in cash as it simplifies the whole process even more. Before we discuss who will buy used cars, let’s see why some dealerships prefer to buy your car with cash.

It saves the time of the sales representatives

Car dealers who buy used cars in exchange for cash are usually the ones who are pressed in time. If you agree to their offer, they can simply pay for the vehicle right away. That means that they will close the deal in no time. That’s a huge advantage for them since other payment methods leave some room for further negotiation or other offers from another seller.

Includes quick and easy transaction

Once again, buying a used car for cash saves the dealers a lot of time, as they can get their hands on your vehicle as soon as possible. They won’t have to wait for the transaction to get through, which means they will be able to start selling your car sooner.

Doesn’t involve third-party companies or individuals

A dealership might agree to buy your car for cash if they don’t like dealing with third-party individuals or companies. They will pay you in person and the deal will be closed. It’s as simple as that.

Even though this rule applies to many dealers, it’s not a universal code in sales. Therefore, you might encounter dealerships that prefer to use other payment methods. Nevertheless, if you want to sell your car in cash, you still have several options on hand.

What dealerships buy used cars?

There are a lot of dealers who buy used cars. These can be local businesses or huge corporations that operate nationwide. Even though they won’t offer as much as private-party buyers, they are more reliable.


Carmax is one of the most convenient dealerships to do business with. If you agree to their offer, you will leave with money instantly. If you need to think about it or compare your options, they will save the offer for 7 days.

In case you don’t know where their stores are located, you can easily navigate through their website and it will automatically select the shop which is near your location.

This isn’t the dealer that will give you the best offer, but it’s certainly reliable.

Specialized dealerships

Specialized dealerships are another option you can look into. For instance, if you own a BMW and it’s in a good condition, then you should contact a local BMW dealer. Such dealerships might not be interested in the vehicles from the previous century, but they will surely make an offer on newer cars.

The local dealership that you bought your car from

If you bought the car you’re selling from a dealership, then it might be a good idea to contact them once again and discuss your options. It’s a great opportunity for those who have a loan on their cars or who prefer to trade it in. They might even agree to buy your car for cash, so don’t be lazy and visit them.

Before you approach any dealer, make sure to evaluate your car. Think about how much you’ll come down so that you’re prepared for their offer. Before we move on to the dealers who buy used cars for cash, let’s see what options you have if you want to sell your vehicle online.

Who will buy used cars online?

Nowadays, the majority of dealerships have websites where you can easily sell your car. You can even find the ones that act as middlemen – they connect sellers with dealers to simplify the whole process. In other words, it’s not hard to figure out what dealerships buy used cars online anymore.


It’s quite easy to sell your car online with Vroom. You tell them about your car, they make an offer (which is valid for 7 days) and if you agree, they’ll come to pick up your vehicle. They will send the payment as soon as they have your car.


Joydrive operates the same way as Vroom. You’ll get an offer instantly, send them pictures of your vehicle and they will pick up your car once you schedule a convenient time. You’ll be paid by check when they pick up your car.

This is another great option if you’re willing to sell your car online. They have a huge database for buying and selling vehicles, so you could even take a look at some of the options. They will even buy a junk car so you don’t have to worry about the poor condition. Let’s face it – lower payment is better than no payment at all, isn’t that so?

As someone who prefers to simplify their life, I would, personally, prefer to sell my car online. If you’re like me, but you want to get cash in exchange, then there are some amazing options for you as well.

Car dealers who buy used cars for cash

There are numerous dealers who will buy used cars, be it online or in real life. The main thing is to find a reliable dealership that will pay cash for your vehicle.


TrueCar is a website that will estimate the value of your vehicle and connect you with a dealer. You get the chance to tell them about color, mileage, and any other features and see how they affect the overall value. You’ll be paid by cash by the dealer itself.


You can easily fill out a form with UsedCarBuyers, tell them about the vehicle you’re trying to sell, they will evaluate it in real life and make an offer accordingly. They will pay you in cash and take care of all the paperwork.


Cashforcars is a huge dealership that operates in many different states. You can get an online offer if you fill out the form, or you can call them and discuss your options. They offer cash in exchange for your car regardless of its condition.


You’ll find Kelley Blue Book instant cash offer on AutoTrader. They will evaluate your vehicle and offer you cash instantly. It will save you a lot of time and will be particularly helpful if you are pressed in time.


CarCash is another good option if you’re not lazy to drive to a certain location. They will make an offer instantly, but you have to take your car to their drop-off center for evaluation. If they like what they see, you’ll be paid on the spot in cash.

As you can see, a lot of dealers are willing to purchase your vehicle for cash. You might not get the best deal in the world, but if getting cash is your priority, you’ll have to make certain sacrifices.  

Tips for selling your car conveniently

Before we wrap everything up, here are certain tips that you should keep in mind if you want to sell your car conveniently.

1. Research the real value of your car. Go online and search similar vehicles, or use the service of specific websites that analyze the market value for you;

2. Have realistic expectations. Dealers won’t buy cars that will spend a lot of time on their lots. The last thing they want is a vehicle that won’t sell. Try to find a dealer that is looking for similar vehicles;

3. Prepare all the necessary documentation;

4. If you want to sell your car for cash only, you should contact the dealerships that will be willing to pay by cash. You’ll just waste your time if you approach dealers that prefer online transactions;

5. Compare the offers. Contact several dealerships and compare their offers. Most of them will give you some time to think, so you shouldn’t have any trouble with that;

6. Most importantly, don’t lie. You shouldn’t hype up the condition of your vehicle because it’s pointless. Every dealer will evaluate your car before paying you some money, so they will certainly find out if something’s wrong with your vehicle.


Sometimes we force our cars to spend years in our yards just because we’re afraid to go through the selling process. We lose money by postponing the sale as it will depreciate the more we wait. There are numerous car dealers who buy used cars, so it’s quite easy to sell your car these days.

The main thing is to research all of the options and pick the best one. If you’re willing to sell your vehicle for cash, then you need to select reliable dealers. Even if they offer less, it’s better than getting scammed. Be wise about your decisions and you’ll be fine. Good luck!